Kung Fu


Willem Akkermans Kung Fu and Tai Chi instructor

At Hong Ying (the name of our club), we do Choy Li Fut, which is a traditional style of Kung Fu, originated in the Shaolin temple in China. We focus on strong stances, fitness and flexibility, long fist techniques, shaolin animal styles, weapons, form training and application.
For website and full class schedule see www.hong-ying.ie
Classes in the Teeling Centre Squash Hall are held Wednesdays 6pm (kids age 5-8), 7pm (kids 9-15) and 8pm (adults 16+), throughout the year except for July, August and December.
Rates: kids – €25 monthly; adults – €30 monthly
Info: Willem Akkermans, ph. 087-7714937,

E-mail: jwakkermans@hotmail.com